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Sonoma County Corner

In an effort to support other local small businesses, we have created a section of our store to feature local treasures and treats.
Contact us, if you have products you would like to also have featured in our store.

Wild Oat Hollow

A small family farm producing fresh organic goat milk soap and lotion with methods that improve the soil & work within the natural environment.

Wild Oat Hollow's Dandelion Soaps are exquisitely made and have quickly become my go-to hand soaps for the shower, kitchen and as truly lovely gifts. They come in natural, just-right scents that aren't too strong and they are beautifully hand-stamped. They lather up really nicely and last a long, long time.

(707) 332-5969


Petaluma Toffee Company

Handmade Toffee made locally in Petaluma with Love by Suzanne Guenza. She has been named as one of the Top Five Sweet Treats in Petaluma360. There are a variety of flavors. Each flavor is individually delicious!

(707) 326-6658


LALA's Jams

Lala's was inspired by her childhood memories of learning how to make jam with her Scottish grandmother. She continued to make jams for friends and family and decided to create a Cottage Food Operation to allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy her delicious jams.

(707) 773-1083


Sola Bees

Trevor Tauzer began Sola Bee Farms in 2011. He is committed to his family history of farming, yet eager to put into practice his new ideas. He created Sola Bee Farms as a way to bridge the perceived gap between traditional agriculture and sustainable business practices.

Sola Bee Farms is the first honey company to produce and package their honey in a sustainable manner. By utilizing gravity filtration and low heat processing produced from solar panels Through Sola Bee Farm’s Trevor is committed to his past and also to the future by ensuring his bees a healthy environment and maintaining a green, eco-friendly business.

(707) 242-6161


Bud's Custom Meats

At Bud’s Custom Meats, you will find a group of professionals that are passionate and dedicated to providing exceptional meat products while promoting the sustainability of local agricultural resources. We value our customers and consider them an extension of our own family, listening to their needs, and delivering outstanding products. We set our own standards and set them high—a cut above the rest—to ensure our family gets the quality they deserve. Our butchers have been trained by the generations before them, mastering the true art and craftsmanship of aging, cutting, smoking, and processing the meat that reaches your family’s table.

(707) 795-8402

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